Before you buy accounts, read the rules of the store!
When buying any product, you agree that you are fully familiar with these rules and agree to abide by them!

1. Warranty and product verification 30 minutes.

2. If you checked purchased accounts with a public checker or proxy, accounts cannot be replaced.

3. Be sure to log in with the IP of the country where the account belongs.

4. We check accounts with private software, on private socks, which guarantees the protection of accounts from the ban.

5. Accounts are non-refundable, only replacement is made, subject to the other rules.

6. Answer technical support according to the regulations within 24 hours.

7. Carefully select the item when purchasing. If you bought a product by accident, chose the wrong type of product, or want to return the replacement and return of the goods is not made.

8. Valid accounts can not be replaced.

9. Try to use the accounts immediately, do not shelve them.

10. Buy only the number of accounts you need.

11. For our part, we guarantee the sale of goods in one hand.

12. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse

13. The use of obscene language can cause a denial of service.

14. Check accounts only in manual mode, if you check purchased accounts by public-checker, public-proxy, then accounts cannot be replaced.

15. Making purchases in the Apex Glide store you automatically agree to the rules.